3 Affordable Social Media Advertising Agencies for Bloggers, Businesses and Companies

Social media advertising agencies help Entrepreneurs, brands and costumers maintain and build social media presence. By creating and posting original content to your various social media pages every day, they help you keep your social media presence consistent and reliable so your customers, followers, online community and audience can always hear from you and stay updated. You won’t have to worry about multi-tasking or panic about not posting on some of your social media pages, they will deliver correct and useful messages specifically created for your business to your targeted customers at the right time every single day. There are lots of agencies that offer services but finding the perfect fit which is within your budget can be a snag.

What Are The Affordable Social Media Advertising Agencies For Any Business?

When in search of an agency for your business it is very important to find one that offers the very best services at an affordable rate. It is always advised that you work within your budget and find one that would help you maximize profit by engaging new and old customers, updating old customers, bringing in business and building your online relationships and presence without breaking the bank. You must find an affordable agency that is within your budget so you can engage their services for the time you intend to, whether it’s a specific amount of time or an ongoing retainer.

Here are three of the best agencies that offer great services at crazy affordable prices.

99 Dollar Social is an affordable social media advertising company that offers services to brands and entrepreneurs who do not have time to manage all their social media channels and are busy building their businesses. They are one of the best agencies and they help you maintain and expand a solid social media presence by managing your social media and keeping your consumers engaged and interested in your brand every single day so you will always be your consumer’s first option. They create and post original content specifically for your business targeted to consumers interested in your business, driving real traffic to your sites and stores and also offer weekly promotions on your services. All these and more they offer you at 99 dollars a month.

Growth Geeks is a social media advertising company that offers a very wide range of services from social media to data science. Growth Greeks is quite interested in building long term business relationships so they screen applicants rigorously and offer negotiable prices and services that would suit your interest and budget. They offer promotions, product launches and featured gigs that include facebook ads and twitter growth amongst many other offers.

Socinova offers services that include daily content sharing, social media promotions, community engagement, spam monitoring, advertising campaigns, marketing and monthly report. They do all these while you keep yourself busy with your business and your life. They also offer one of the best and affordable services by researching, planning and executing service. They optimize your social media channels so they can satisfy your marketing needs. All these services they offer at 150 dollars.



·         They help you save money and time while generating more profits and results at a low price.

·         They run social media campaigns which are terrific for awareness and getting people talking about your business.

·         They know how to optimize your social media channels to satisfy your marketing objectives.

·         They drive real and organic traffic to your websites and stores.

·         Whether your business is in real estate, consumer products, or nonprofits their services position your business for success.

·         Unique and Original Content specific to your business posted daily to specific social media channels.


·         They might not offer marketing services to all the social media channels.

·         Some agencies might use ineffective automation for social media and drive fake traffic to your site.

·         Some could increase spam activity on your site.

After considering the pros and the cons you would find that the pros quite well outnumber the cons and at the end of the day your business needs a strong online presence, marketing strategy and most importantly, growth. Good social media advertising companies should be able to offer you the aforementioned at an affordable price. This is quite important especially for growing businesses, small businesses, startups, new entrepreneurs and businesses working within a budget. 99 Dollar Social Company, Growth Geeks and Socinova offers you great services for the longest period of time you require whether it is for a specified period of time or for an extended and continuous retainer.

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