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Hello Dear,

My name is Loretta and i just started this site. This should be my 5th site I think. I love to write and put down my thoughts but i seem to have an issue with consistency. I have tried.... and failed to start a great website or blog (if you like) that would have a very wide reach, and educate on a wide range of topics. 

But I'm trying again and working to ensure this is it. 

I don't like niches. I think it's limiting. It boxes you in, like you have only one perspective and see one thing. So mundane. I have always been a person without favourites. For the longest time, i didn't know what my favourite colour was, (I still don't)....although i have taken to saying "blue" because people ask and i felt like i should have an answer. 

Although i almost always choose blue if I'm saddled with choices. However, i know for sure, it is not my favourite colour, because i dont love it more than the colours i don't choose. Weird right?

Same for favourite food, etc, i just don't like to pick one when i can learn and experience everything. 

What I'm trying to say in essence is that Wise Metis is the place for everything. From Social Media Marketing Tips to Greek Mythology.

Wise Metis is a fountain of knowledge, whatever we feel like, we will talk about. If you comment on it and i research it, i will write it for you. 

You are welcome!

Here's to Metis, the wise mother of Athena, a Goddess commonly associated with Wisdom, Crafts, skill and Prudence. 

If you are wondering who is associated with Wisdom, Metis, or Athena.

well, both.

To Knowledge!

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