Zodiac Themed Birthday Cards

Combining imagination and astrology, you get a beautiful collection of zodiac birthday cards. Whether or not you’re into Astrology, these cards are definitely a treat for the eyes. Caregatto’s zodiac birthday cards have beautiful, detailed illustrations that are unique to each sign and embody the sign’s characteristics.

It is currently Libra season! The illustration for the Libra birthday card is an Egyptian woman holding a scale, weighing a heart against a feather.

The scale of justice dates back to Ancient Egypt. It was believed that in the after-life one’s soul passed through the trial by Osiris, the judge of the dead. The soul’s heart was weighed on a great golden scale against the feather of Ma'at, the feather of truth and harmony. With a heart lighter than a feather, one’s soul could pass freely into a blissful existence in the afterlife.

In addition to these unique illustrations, you can even fully personalize your card by adding 2 photos to each greeting card. These photos come in a cute vintage polaroid-like format. The photos are inserted on both sides of the actual card, and the recipient gets to keep the photos after putting away the card. It’s like a little gift in an envelope! You can send a birthday card that includes 2 real photos, and avoid the drive to the store to pick up a card followed by the long lines at the post office to mail the card. Plus, mailing a card creates an element of surprise which hand delivered cards lack.. and the best part...this is all done from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks.

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