Niteskape 4 Website Design Trends for Real Estate

The Real Estate market makes a big difference on the US economy. The more homes are sold, the better the economy is. Property is something that always has a value. It is like investing money into a bank. You can always get that money back and in homes, that investment will increase with time. Real estate agents have expanded to the web. The web is a nice platform for making new sales and connections. Every year, new trends come out and at Niteskape we have made a list for agents to be aware of the latest web trends.

Niteskape Website Trend List

1-Responsive: Can you say auto scale? A responsive web design does just that! Responsive design will automatically resize a websites layout for any screen size.

2- Contact Form. Pop up contact forms are very popular and not too bad for SEO.

3-Less special effects. Lower your javascript effects. The less the more professional a website will be. Too many effects can lead to a slow website!

4-Vibrant. Use vibrant colors to explain your energy as a realtor and make if fun for the visitor to remember and get interested in you website. Colors play an important part. There is a difference between a color that is overly saturated and a color that is vibrant. Vibrant colors are known to capture the eye a bit more than plain colors. Using a vibrant color on your real estate website is a popular trend this year.

Allow these 4 tips above to help you as an agent become aware of what is going on. Always trying out new ways to perfect a design is a must. The web changes and we all must adapt smoothly with every change. 

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