Women Entrepreneurs; 4 Ways to Earn Money Working from Home

Working mothers have a lot on their plate, because they have to work, earn and maintain household chores. Although this can be difficult, lots of women are devising favourable means to pull this off and still have enough time to rest and stay healthy.

With the advent of the internet and technology, being a housewife has taken on a whole new interesting meaning and most stay at home moms are working from home now; balancing finances with basic family needs and this is a welcome development. There are lots of women entrepreneurs working from home and this has a lot of advantages.

The benefits of working online from home are endless, both for employers and employees as there is no geographic limits for customer reach, sales and results that can be achieved. This is the reason lots of companies are adopting flexible policies to accommodate and give more profitable and entrepreneurial opportunities for stay at home moms and women to work from home.

Searching for online opportunities for you to work from home? There are lots of them.

1. Fiverr

You can offer your services on fiver and get paid to do that which you love doing, like me. On fiverr you can offer freelance services in a wide range of niches including article writing, resume ceation, graphics designing, content marketing, proofreading and lots more. Its a fun way to earn money right from home.

2. Lipsense

How about earning cash using make up platforms like Lipsense? Lipsense is a make-up company on which you can sign up to become a distributor. Making money from make-up is an interesting path to follow. Platforms like Lipsense give you the chance to sell their products such as the everlastinglipstick from the comfort of your home, by selling it online where you can reach larger and more varied audience. The great thing about makeup is that it is a consistently profitable field as there is always demand for it so it is a great opportunity for long term work.

3. Art

For the artistically creative, if you draw or paint, you can sell it online and even do freelance work by getting orders to make custom pictures and art for clients. You can get customers from your social media pages like facebook, twitter, instagram and even sign up on fiver for this purpose.

4. Item Sale

Do you have furniture, designer clothing, books, electronics, or appliances, crafts, jewelries that you no longer need or want? You can sell them on Amazon, eBay, by listing them. When interested customers place orders for such items you can then ship them and get paid via PayPal.

Do you have any ideas on other interesting ways you can earn some extra cash from home and have enough time for yourself and your family? Please share in the comment section, lets all learn and earn together.

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