7 Ways To Recognize a True Friend

Most of us have not really taken out the time to think and evaluate how beneficial and important our friendships are. I mean, we take our friends for granted and fail to recognize the impact and positivity they have made and brought into our lives respectively. This is not to say that we don’t appreciate our friends or the bond we share, but it would be nice to let them know how much you value them and appreciate their friendship.

Friendship is a beautiful thing, it is special and it brings people of different backgrounds together in a bond of togetherness and connection. Once we build these connections and bonds, it’s fun most of the way as memories are created through milestones that are reached together, ups and downs in life, misunderstandings and fun times.

However, it can be hard to recognize a true friend sometimes, but you should know that a friend who supports you, is loyal, brings out the best in you and has a good heart is worth keeping by your side.

Here are some suggestions to guide you in setting the bestfriend goals together with your true friend.

1. A True Friend Supports your Endeavours and Gives Encouragement.

A true and real friend makes you feel confident and happy. They guide you to appreciate and be yourself. Even though they disagree with you sometimes, they still support you all the same and give constructive criticism so you can improve. On the other hand, a friend who dismisses your successes and always tries to put you down is not a true or good friend.

2. A True Friend Listens

Sometimes all you need is a listening ear. A true friend knows when to keep quiet, listen and let your bare your heart. Just as a true friend would count on you to do the same when needed, you have a friendly shoulder to lean on. A friend who doesn’t pay attention when you are talking and always feels the need to interrupt you all the time is not exactly what I would call a very good friend.

3. A True friend does not Gossip and Put People down.

This has to do more with personality and the kind of person, your friend is generally. If your so-called friend is a big gossip, then, the probability that your friend is gossiping about you to everyone else when you're not around is very high.

4. A True Friend Calls you out when you are in the Wrong (Privately)

A true friend would let you know when you are wrong so you can do better. He or she would defend your ills in public but let you know in private that you were wrong, in a mindful manner.

5. True Friends make your Friendship a Priority.

Through ups, downs, work, hectic schedules, marriage, kids etc... A true friend would always find the time to reach out and keep the friendship going, just as you should do the same. It could be a phone call, a dinner schedule, a visit, or a lunch schedule. Genuine friends make each other a priority and always find a way to be available for each other.

6. True Friends Practice forgiveness

When you hurt them, do something wrong or make judgment errors from time to time, a true friend would always find a way to forgive you and move past it if you are truly remorseful. Real friends that love and understand are capable of forgiving each other.

7. A True Friend Would make you a Better Person.

Their encouragement, positivity, support and friendship would bring out the best in you.

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