Facial Exercise to Reduce Face Fat

Obesity puts a greater burden on the population; it was found that nearly 30 percent of people in the world were obese or overweight — which corresponds to about 2.15 million total.

The richest country, the United States was home to most of the population of obese people in the world — 13 percent — despite claiming less than 5 percent of the population.

When we came in contact with people, the first thing they notice is our face, shape and appearance. Physical exercises such as pushups, sit up etc help you lose weight of our body, while facial exercise helps to get rid of excess fat in the face. Facial exercise and a healthy diet can make our face shape and well form, and here i provide some simple methods to help you reduce face fat and achieve the desired cutting face.

Here is a list of facial exercises that burn excess fat face:


Achieving release, the jaw is an effective way to get high cheekbones and beautiful method of the jaw line. Also, stretching and elongation of muscles on the cheeks and lips, jaw.

· Sit in a sitting or standing position.

· Now move the jaw like taking something, but you have to keep your mouth shut.

· Now take a deep breath and slowly take breath.

· Then open the mouth wide such that the bottom teeth press your tongue.

· Maintain this position for minimum 5 seconds then again breathe in and breathe out.

· Repeat the procedure for 10–15 times.


The air blowout exercise is also the face of crucial exercise to remove Tubby faces and reduce the chin. In this exercise, all the muscles of the face and neck work together toning muscles and gives a lift to the face naturally.

You can also consider blowing balloons. It’s super easy and you can follow to get rid of chubby. Free the ballon and blow it again. Do this ten times in one set, and you can repeat three sets of blowing ballon exercise with 3–10 minutes intervals for good results.


This is another useful method, which is crucial for facial muscles.

· Lower your chin such that it starts touching your chest.

· Pull your skin below the cheekbones as much as you can.

· Now try to pronounce “Ah” and stay in static for some time.

· Repeat the procedure minimum three times in a day to lose face fat effectively.


Smiling is measured the best exercise for any facial problem and you can also trim your cheeks fat and also remove wrinkles. We all know that smiling is great for our health and we don’t need any reason to smile.

A smile stretches the muscle of your cheeks and stretching of the muscles may help in losing the fat.


Make your face like a fish is an exercise that is the easiest, simplest and probably most effective for chunky cheeks exercises If you watch TV or listen to music, you can do it anywhere and at any time. This exercise toning the muscles of the face and facial fat diminishes.

· You just have to suck the lips and cheeks inside the mouth.

· Now try to laugh at that place and remain in position for 5 seconds.

· Now you will feel the heat in the jaw and cheeks.

· Repeat daily for ten times.


This is also very simple facial exercises that can be done at any time.

· Just close your eyes, by using your face muscles.

· You will be feeling the tightening of the muscles on the face.

· Stay in the same position for 10 seconds and relax for a while.

· Repeat this process five times a day.


Chin lift is useful to lose face fat and double chin treatment. Help on stretching the muscles in the throat, neck and jaw. But use the lips during the exercise.

· This exercise can be done in a sitting and standing position.

· First nod, look at the ceiling and keep your eyes on it.

· Now tighten your lips such that you are kissing the ceiling.

· Stay in the position for 10 seconds; Repeat the exercise 10 times a day.


These facial fat lose exercises are set very easily it can be done at any time and in any place to bring to the barest minimum cheek fat. These facial exercises look easy, but it can have a big impact on the appearance of the face.

If you do facial exercises regularly, not only slimming the face, but also help to tone the facial muscles. elasticity and firmness of the face are improved. What is most interesting, your face will look younger and thinner after exercise.

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