KOSEC’s CEO, Michael Kodari Hosts Staff At Bar Machiavelli Restaurant

On friday september 23rd, leading Australian investment firm Kodari Securities (KOSEC) hosted members of staff and company exacutives to one of its monthly all expense paid dinner event at Darlinghurst’s breath-taking Bar Machiavelli.

The dinner event which is held regularly aims to reward employees and provde fun time for company staff to socialize and kick back outside work. 

StarCentral Magazine exclusively writes that the fun evening which began in the boardroom of KOSEC’s exquisite Sydney CBD location within Chifley Tower, featured a corporate photo shoot capturing staff in their working environment.


Later, the fun was moved to Bar Machiavelli where the dining experience began.

The mood of the fun event was relaxed and celebatory with KOSEC’s founder and CEO Michael Kodari personally acknowledging and congratulating various members of staff for their outstanding professional achievements, and individual noteworthy contributions to the firm.

The KOSEC firm event is an initiative towards helping staff members feel more comfortable in the work place and KOSEC management ensured the night was a great success and an encouragement to staff members.


For more details on the amazing dinner event and the basis of this article you can read it here at StarCentralMagazine.com

For more information on KOSEC, please visit www.kosec.com.au

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