Notibuyer - Not Just An App But A Virtual Assistant!

To-do lists and budgets are very important part of our
lives, they help us prioritize and keep us on track to do the most important
things that need to be done so we don’t completely forget or even worse, do the


We are all guilty of writing down
what we need anywhere, when we remember them. It might be those tiny sticky
notes on the refrigerator or even on a restaurant napkin.

Well! One of the hottest new App of
2016, has made it even easier to get things done and it couldn’t be more fun.
You can carry your plan everywhere with you as a reminder without stress.

Notibuyer a new virtual assistant
you should install on your phone will help organize every aspect of your life.
Notibuyer makes it easy for you to plan, update and review your expenses and
to-do list any time of the day.

It's a virtual assistant because it
helps you plan and track your daily activities as productively as you would
like. You could plan out the next day's outfit, doctor's appointment, PTA
meeting, shopping list, targets and goals, getting to meetings early, events, reminders
etc. You would be glad you found Notibuyer.

There are a range of other awesome
features like voice memo notepad and to-do list application for personal and
shared notes on your mobile device. This means you could even record your
to-do-list, that's really a great feature.

Notibuyer allows you plan, manage
and share your shopping list with your family members! How cool is that! You don’t
have to leave a stick it note on the fridge reminding a family member of what
to do or buy, you can just share it to their phone instantly. Notibuyer is fast
becoming a user favourite and the reason is quite clear. It’s an app to have.

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