Three Great Ideas for Lighting Your Hallway

The hallway is often a room that gets slightly forgotten
about, a simple passageway from one room to another, and maybe keep the jackets
or shoes.

However, it’s also a great opportunity to use some creative lighting,
and turn your hallway into a sophisticated and visually appealing space in its
own right. Here are three of our top ideas for lighting your hallway.

1. Match Your Lights with the Décor

It’s important that the décor and furniture of the hallway
match up with the light fittings which you choose, with the most important
things to take into consideration being the colour and intensity.

For example, if you’ve opted for more traditional, wooden
furnishings in the hallway, it will benefit more from warmer lighting, but on
the other hand, a hallway which utilises bolder colours will work well with a
bright, white light.

It’s also important to remember the differing effects that
different types of light will have on certain objects.

For example, when cotton furniture is illuminated with
direct light, dust will show up!

You should also be sure to make sure that the lighting,
furniture and room itself are all in proportion.

For example, you don’t want to go overboard with a huge statement
light in a small hallway or leave a larger room feeling too dimly lit.

blog post from BuildDirect
goes into more detail on how to match your
lighting with your décor.

2. Make Effective Use of Accent Lighting

While the ceiling and wall lights will be the main source of
illumination for the hallway, it’s important to mix things up a little bit with
accent lighting too, to prevent the room from feeling flat.

Accent lighting can be used to add an extra bit of light to
a certain area of the room, and we particularly love the use of some small
floor lamps.

It’s a tough balance to get right, but try to ensure that your
accent lighting isn’t too drab and boring, but also isn’t too flashy that it
stands apart and distracts from the rest of the room’s lighting. What’s more,
the accent lighting can be a nice decorative feature itself.

On accent lighting, we spoke to Oberoi Brothers Lighting, who
said: “If you want to really add a bit of life to the room, try adding a
fluorescent lamp to add a pop of colour.

“Bright colours work well as a statement piece, but they
don’t have to be too ‘in your face’ if you don’t want them to be.”

3. Navigation

Especially if you have young children in the house, it can
be a good idea to use your lighting to illuminate the staircase, giving it a
practical use, as well as an aesthetic one.

Fitting lights which will light up each individual tread, or
dotting lanterns along the wall are inventive and functional ways to light the
staircase, while also turning the staircase itself into a feature.

Even some small lights up and down the stairs can make a big
difference to visibility, and prevent anybody from taking a nasty tumble!

Check out this
post from Homedit
for some staircase lighting inspiration.

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