7 Healthy Habits You Should Pick up Today

Most of us have mastered the art of living a chaotic and busy life without recourse to how it all affects our health and well-being. From binge-watching movies all day long to eating fast food every time. I think it's about time we challenged ourselves and picked up healthy habits and start making both healthy and responsible lifestyle choices.

Here are some good habits we should all pick up now, and they are good for people of all ages, of course. However, the sooner you get on it, the sooner you can reap the sweet, sweet benefits of healthy living.

1. Start Walking More

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy and in shape, is to walk. You don't have to walk everywhere but it wouldn't hurt to ditch your car or forget about taking a taxi once in a while and take that healthy stroll you've been meaning to take. Or if that's too much, you could ditch the elevator and take the stairs, that's good too. If you take a walk sometimes, you wouldn't feel too bad about not getting the chance to hit the gym because you are still getting some exercise while going about your daily business.

2. Drink More Water

We hear this all the time but how many of us actually heed the advice? Seriously, you should drink more water. Water has so many benefits! From boosting your immune system to helping headaches, the benefits of staying hydrated are endless. Aim to drink more water and you'll actually feel less tired and might even see a difference in your complexion.

3. Count Your Blessings

Mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health. I read somewhere that it is a good idea to start a blessing jar and every week, you write down something good that happened to you that week and put it in the jar. This sounds quite interesting and i'll start this right away. Just like we like to make resolutions at the beginning of each new year, you can take stock of your blessing from the blessing jar at the end of the year and you will have a bunch of awesome memories to look back on.

4. Take a Social Media Detox

I recommend this very much.

Whenever i'm feeling down and sad i have this habit of going on funny Instagram pages to get laughs and forget my troubles. However, i'm beginning to do this more often and not only when i'm sad and it is quite helpful in keeping me positive all the time.

There are a number of ways you can use social media as detox, you could share photos of nature, your travels, blog etc.

It was super refreshing and you should try it.

5. Try to Enjoy Cooking and Eating!

Part of the reason people find it hard to eat healthy is because cooking can be a hassle. I love cooking but sometimes I'm too busy (or just lazy) and don't feel like cooking, so fast food here I come. I love fried food so much that if I had to pick just one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it'd probably be french fries and fried chicken — zero question about it.

So when I heard about the Airfryer — a kitchen gadget that can fry foods in a healthier way with up to 75% less fat, i just had to try it out. Practically speaking, the Airfryer does this by cooking food using super-hot air, drying out its exterior to help it attain the crunchy texture of traditionally deep-fried foods.

You should try it out. Being able to cook and eat what you love in a healthy way helps make cooking fun again. The intrigue of trying out this new gadget and the food is great motivation to get back in the kitchen.

6. Pick Up a New Hobby

Everyone could use a new hobby. It can be anything, like reading, writing, learning an instrument, Yoga or being more crafty like painting and trying out all those DIY ideas you see on pinterest. Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress, have fun, and even meet new people.

Yoga is also great for stress relief so taking it on as a hobby is the very definition is a healthy habit.

7. Make A Self-Care List

I think it's important to have some sort of self-care 'toolbox' for when you're having a bad day and need some TLC. Creating a list of things to do when you feel blue is a great resource for the future.

Whenever you're feeling down, just pick up the list and do something on it to feel a bit better. It can be anything, big or small. For example, three items on my list are to check out funny Instagram pages on Instagram, cook/bake and listen to No More Drama by Mary J Blige. What's yours?

At the end of the day, the most important habit to pick up is checking in with yourself frequently. Make sure that you feel hydrated, rested, emotionally well, physically well and happy.

Having a busy and chaotic life is okay as long as we remember to take care of ourselves too! After all, as one popular product catchphrase says, if you don't take care of yourself, who will? 

You can also read more why yoga is a great and healthy habit to pick up on  RemedyGrove 

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