7 ECommerce Alternatives to Amazon 2022

The rush and feel of shopping are unexplainable. Maybe I have a shopping problem or two but one can't live without needing to buy something, sometimes. Formerly, to be able to do your shopping, you would have to plan and reserve a day or an entire weekend to head out and do all your shopping. It doesn't end there though, you would go through several stores, browsing through products and comparing prices to ensure you get the best deals. Shopping is sweet but it's quite a hectic task.

No wonder, the online shopping industry exploded with so much ease because it is clear that a lot of people get tired of traipsing through stores trying to do their shopping. The Lockdown and Covid 19 then solidified the habit and ensured most people prefer shopping online than the hassle of physically shopping.

With online shopping, you bypass all that trouble and can, with a few clicks, find items, compare prices and place an order on the best deals.

When I discovered shopping online, it was quite a find for me. Getting that delivery just from ordering online was fun and eBay, Amazon, or Best Buy were the go-to spot. Till I finally realized I was missing out on a whole lot of other amazing sites that would serve awesomely too.

Here is my list of 10 shopping alternatives to Amazon

1. Sellaholics

This website has everything you would possibly need to purchase online. From portable pet fences to mountaineering gear and golf back braces. When I first found this site, I was struck by its rare and highly sought item lists, Bluetooth gadgets you didn't even know existed but now that you know, you absolutely have to get them. EVERYTHING you can't find on other shopping sites, you would definitely find on this site. The categories are endless.

Then there are the other features that make shopping sites such an endearing place to shop, there are reviews from previous buyers and experts telling you the pros and cons so you can weigh your options and decide if you should make the purchase. Then the price compares function.

2. Dwell Studio

This online shopping platform offers shopping access to a range of cool and amazing home décor accessories, home fixtures, furniture, bed and bath products, rugs and windows, and so much more. There are a lot of luxurious goods too in the furniture category with great prices you would love. High-quality home decors can be found on this site. This site is an interior décor and builder's secret weapon, you can find fixtures at great prices that you would have difficulty finding anywhere else. And delivery is done as quickly as possible, even faster than you would naturally expect for bulky orders you can make on this site.

3. One Kings Lane

I am an old soul. I love antiques and vintage finds. It gives me a sense of history and purpose like a treasure hunter. I like the feel and look of vintage home decors and furniture. It is for this reason that I would not consider this list complete without recommending this site. It's a treasure hunt cove of awesome vintage-like antiques! You can outstanding furniture items that include royalty feeling Kitchen & Tabletop, as well as the Art & Mirrors categories.

However, I have to warn you that these are not real actual vintage pieces so they are affordable. You won't have to break the bank to get your vintage pieces. Hunt for daily deals and easily refresh the appearance of your home with exclusive pieces.

4. The Hut

This is a British shopping site with great products that you can shop and will your haul be delivered to you at affordable international delivery rates. They have quite a find of women's fashion, clothes, shoes, toys, gifts, and home and kitchen accessories products that will make your home more pleasant for a cheap price.

5. Book Depository

My love for books comes only second to my love for writing so it's only fitting that you would find an eCommerce site for books on any list I have anything to do with. Forget Amazon; Book Depository offers an outstanding collection and the same selection of books. Not to knock on the popular amazon but the book depository makes it very convenient to shop for books and the shopping experience is more fun.

The website is properly organized and the worldwide delivery is free of charge. They also have a number of sales deals and discounts to help you get lots more of your favorite and non-favorite books.

6. Book Finder

On Book Finder, you can get both new and used books, rare editions, textbooks, and print books. You can use the search tool at Book Finder to compare prices and get the best deal. The shipping costs are included in the calculation, so you won't waste time doing the math.

Using the Book Finder search engine, you can find even better prices than the ones offered at Book Depository. A word of advice, make sure to check that you are purchasing a well-preserved edition if you're opting for a used book.

7. Sam's Club

Sam's Club is a time saver! A lot of students don't have the time to spend online browsing through, comparing prices, and deciding what to buy. One would wonder when they would have time to study if they get caught up in the bright lights of online shopping. As much as online shopping is rife with the convenience it does have its own disadvantages which include being carried away by other offers and forgetting what you came for which leads to overshopping.

To avoid this, you can use Sam's Club to shop for the things you need at the best prices. Sam's Club – an online store with student-friendly prices on groceries, gifts, flowers, wine, health and beauty products, and more.

The prices are even lower than the ones in your local stores, and the shopping experience is much more convenient because everything is neatly organized and categorized. Sam's Clubs are available in different cities across the USA, so you can easily join the community and start saving without searching for any coupons.

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Do you have any sites you would recommend to me too? Let me know in the comment section.

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