Experience “Chime” by Civic Harmony at the Market Street Prototyping Festival

Interactive Public Art fosters vibrant public space

October 6 – 9 2016

Chime by Civic Harmony on Display at the Market Street Prototyping Festival http://marketstreetprototyping.org/, 200 Market Street, San Francisco CA

• Visitors 2015: 590,000

• Festival Prototypes: 40

What is the Market Street Prototyping Festival?

The Market Street Prototyping Festival believes that collaboration and rapid experimentation can help solve our biggest challenges. Ten innovative projects from the 2015 Festival were incubated over the summer of 2016 for semi- permanent installation in San Francisco for up to two years.

One of the incubation prototypes, Chime, is particularly inviting. Chime, an interactive musical instrument, is designed to respond to touch and provide feedback through sound by its residual swinging motion. A simple push on one wooden lever sets into motion a series of sounds, explorations of connectivity and smiles which has been described by music lovers and enthusiasts as an appealing, multisensory combination of easily accessible visual, auditory, and tactile elements

Chime is accessible and easy enough for people of any age, fitness level or musical ability to operate and enjoy because tuned chimes are activated by a simple push on the vertical levers relaying kinetic motion from the player to the opposing side.

Chime breathes life into underutilized public space and is an adaptable and excellent instrument for creating more engaged communities. It offers a magnetic, mesmerizing discovery process and provides a unique and engaging gathering space for neighbours and pedestrians to connect.

This piece of musical innovations was created by Oakland artist Dan Gottwald and urban designer Scott Watkins. See more of the duo’s work at www.civicharmony.org

How much?
Chime is a non-commercial, free experience!

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to make contact by visiting www.civicharmony.org to fact check and get answers to most of your questions.

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