Summer vs Winter: Choosing Your Month of Marriage

Getting engaged is a time full of excitement.
Your wedding day will be the best day of your life, and it’s so exciting to
look forward to the day you and your love finally tie the knot.

But before then, you of course have to plan and
book the whole day, and there is so much to think about. One of the first
questions you will be asked when announcing your engagement will most certainly
be “So when is the wedding?” and choosing a date is one of the first things
you’ll want to do.

You may of course already have a special date in
mind, for example, the day you first became an official couple or some other
symbolic date and this may dictate the time of year for you. But if you have no
idea when you’d like to get married and need some help deciding, here is a
quick guide to helping you decide upon a month that suits you.


Of course, the main consideration is what sort
of weather you would like to get married in, because if you hate the cold and
it makes you miserable, then a winter wedding may not be for you.

But if you’re somebody who gets uncomfortably
hot in the summer time and the thought of wearing a wedding dress in the heat
is a little much for you, then tying the knot on a crisp winters day could be


Some months are, of course, cheaper than others
when it comes to getting married, with the most popular times of year meaning
you’ll have to pay a premium, so bear this in mind if you’re on a tight budget.

We spoke to Broadoaks
Country House
Hotel in the Lake District who told us: “We have a lot
of bookings for winter weddings, as there’s something magical about a cosy
country house wedding in the snow, and a huge bonus is also that winter
weddings tend to be cheaper so it’s a win-win situation.”


It’s important to make sure that you take into
consideration whether your most important guests can make it, or that any
vendors you’ve got your heart set on are free.

If you have the perfect wedding photographer in
mind but they’re booked up all summer, you may need to consider compromising by
choosing another month or even extending your engagement by another twelve
months so you can book well in advance.

Think about things such as your schedule
throughout the year too, for example, if there is a month where you or your
partner are usually very busy with your line of work it would be best to avoid
that period.

I hope this has given you a little bit of
inspiration if you’ve been wondering which month you’d prefer to book your own
wedding for.

If you still aren’t sure and need a little more
help, we love browsing these galleries of inspiration from Hitched! You
can check out colour schemes, seasons, or themes, and it might help make things
that little bit more clear for you.

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