What To Watch – Ms Marvel Review [Spoiler Alert]

Iman Vellani Ms Marvel

If you are here for a
recommendation on what to watch, I would say highly recommend Ms Marvel if you
are someone interested in the Marvel journey.

I approached Ms Marvel with a
little bit of trepidation.

My Marvel Series’ Experience

I have not been really impressed
with most of the marvel series’ I have seen so far. With the exception of Wanda
Vision, these Marvel series’ have not really done much for me.

Loki was okay. It started feeling
drawn out and painful at a point but generally, I would say it's a 5.5/10.

Hawkeye was an absolute
disappointment for me. It did not feel well put together and I would give that
a 3/10.

I've tried to get through Moon
Knight, but I can't seem to get past episode 3. I've tried so many times, it's
like a lullaby; I start watching, I sleep off, I start watching I sleep off. I'll
try one more time and get back to you on that or just give up completely. The
first episode was great, but it went downhill from there for me. So far, I
would give it a 2/10. And that’s because the first episode was so good, raised
expectations, and introduced me to some great songs for my playlist. The
expectations were promptly crashed in the preceding episodes but, we’ll see.

So, you can imagine my state of
mind as I started off Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel Review

Although The Weeknd's “Blinding
Lights” in the introduction grabbed my wary attention, Iman Vellani’s bubbly
personality and acting kept it there the whole time.

It started slow, as all beginnings
tend to do as they lay the foundation of our hero’s life for our understanding.
I hear it's a comedy, I did not know I was supposed to laugh. I don't think
they leaned into the comedy genre at all. It was funny-ish but I don't think it
was a comedy at all.

Ms Marvel

The Pros

Kamala Khan is delightful. She is
a star for sure and Iman is a very good actress.

As the first Muslim superhero, I
had not seen this point of view on TV before, hero or not, and I was pleasantly

The insight into Kamala's life; from an immigrant Muslim family with different personalities, culture, religion, strict and very protective parents, and the struggle of
expectations on Kamala and girls in general, gives us a real sense of what it's
like to be Kamala and sets us up to delve into her roots which is a very
important part of understanding who she is.

The trip to Pakistan and the
closer look at history, the British occupation of India, and the Partition,
gives us a sense of the people, hinting heavily at deep historic pains, borne
out of colonial, religious, and personal struggles. 

The Cons

The sudden jump of Kamala's
parents, her mother especially, from very (over) protective mum to "go
girl" go save people, was quite farfetched to me. It felt too quick, too
accepting, too contrived.

The supposed villains seemed
rushed and not properly explained and left me quite confused. Although I heard
"clandestine" and immediately knew they would be up to no good, still,
we got rushed through their history at breakneck speed, and I got lost on the way. From memory of grave robbing for a bangle to killing kin for the bangle, it seemed
like the writers really needed a bad guy without laying the groundwork.

I kept asking the tv “why do they
keep trying to go back if they were exiled”? “why were they exiled”? Did I miss
that explanation or none was given? Lazy writers!

I thought Bruno is a young and
budding Tony Stark. Although they couldn't resist the best friend in love with
his friend thingy. I'm tired of that, aren’t we all?  I guess it still works because they keep doing

Ms Marvel Kamala, Bruno and Nakia

The Verdict

They had to introduce Kamala to
us, and I guess they had to give her some struggles too. The Introduction was
well done, the struggles, however… not so much.

Overall, I would say quite a stellar acting from the cast. Kamala Khan is fun, spunky, and really great TV.
The supporting cast Nakia, Bruno, Kamran, and even Aamir are amazing as well.

I would love to see where the
story goes with Kamran and the red daggers.

Ms Marvel gets a solid 7/10 from


So, for recommendations on what to watch, I highly
recommend Ms Marvel.

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