Youtube Marketing for Business Made Easy - the Complete Guide to Youtube Marketing in 2022


I know you have wondered how YouTubers make it into the big leagues. How to create that channel that everyone wants to watch. Today, everyone watches YouTube. Depending on what you want to see, from movie reviews and recaps, music videos, tutorials, comedy videos, and even YouTube shorts, something interests you. According to studies, over 75% of Americans from age 15 and above watch YouTube and make up the over 2 billion monthly active users. That’s like everybody who is knowledgeable enough to handle a phone. This makes Youtube the most popular website in the world after Google search engine – in case you haven’t already figured it out.

YouTube has a very huge potential for marketing your business. Imagine a platform where 2 billion people are active, of course, it’s a great idea to put your business in front of this massive audience. Even less than 1 percent of that active user number patronizing your goods or services is already a huge success story waiting to happen.

So, forget about your plans to stand on your rooftop and shout about how great your product is, instead, implement great marketing strategies while utilizing a platform that already exists.

So, here is a strategy that you can implement to successfully promote your business using YouTube marketing in 2022.

What is YouTube marketing?

This is the practice of using YouTube to promote your business, brand, product, or services. The ways in which you do this could vary depending on your specific strategy, plan, and execution.

The ways in which you execute your marketing strategy on youtube is very important as it is the major determinant of how successful your marketing campaign would go. There are a number of ways one can utilize YouTube for brand promotion and YouTube marketing. Here are some interesting ways that could help;

  • Influencer marketing
  • Promotional videos
  • Youtube platform advertising
  • Creating organic promotional videos
  • Working with influencers
  • Advertising on the platform

To market and promote your business on YouTube — whether you’re a business or a brand, you need to know your target market/audience and understand what it is they really want, what they would come looking for on YouTube and how you can create a marketing campaign that speaks to their needs.

So, essentially, you need to know what they want and produce it. It really sounds oversimplified. However, it is a tale as old as time that once you know what your clients want, you are home and dry.

A common trap that makes businesses fail in this simple method is by producing what they think the customers want and not really identifying what the customer really wants.

In addition to knowing what your prospective customers want, you need to also they are able to find you. There are lots of great products online that people who need them cannot find. Bummer! You go through the hurdle of creating such a great product, only for no one to see it.

Just like the Google search engine, YouTube is actually a search engine – for videos.

So, you need to make it possible for people who are searching for your product to find you by optimizing your content so the YouTube algorithm can pull you up as a result. Just like the Google SEO.

SO, now that we are aware of the basics, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty with a step-by-step list of how YouTube Marketing for business is made easy

9 YouTube Marketing Strategy Steps

Step 1: Create a YouTube channel for your business or brand

To start your YouTube marketing journey, you have to start from the very beginning by creating a YouTube channel for your business or brand.

As you might already know, YouTube is one of Google’s products, so you would need a google account to sign up for a YouTube account and create your channel. You can use your existing Google account, although I strongly advise you to create a new account for your business or brand, so everything is consistent.

After creating your Google account, use your new account to create your YouTube account, and the business or brand channel.

I strongly recommend creating a new google account for your business or brand and using that to start this journey because it makes things easier for you and you can track your business activities and journey without having to mix it with your personal account. A business google account will afford you the ability to even outsource the management of the channel without worrying about your personal engagements and information being viewed by a 3rd party.

Step 2: Announce yourself

You should make sure to input information and “About” your business details to announce yourself to everyone who finds your channel. It is really important you provide the information your clients are looking for, so they know when they find you that they have found what they are looking for.,

Pretty up your channel too by designing and displaying your logo or profile picture and, Header Image to reflect your brand.

Don’t forget to input your brand’s social media links so your audience can follow you on other platforms they frequent and be informed when you post a new video on YouTube.

The next step is getting really down to the strategy.

Step 3: Learn about your audience

To be able to successfully execute a great YouTube marketing strategy, you need to research and learn about your audience. Who is your audience? What do they really want? What would they be searching on YouTube? How do your appeal to them? These are a few of the questions you should be asking and seeking answers to so you can properly optimize your YouTube content to fit the mold of your business.

To be able to answer the questions above, you need to understand what you are offering and look towards the audience who are seeking what you are offering. So, who are you making videos for? Who is your target market? Who are they patronizing now? What are they watching now?

Now you are not only reviewing yourself, but you are also moving towards competitor research, you now have to find your competitors and who are the YouTube demographic they appeal to?

Looking at the statistics on YouTube users, try to identify the demographic that your product, business, or brand speaks to and tailor your upcoming content towards that demographic.

You should spend enough time researching who your target audience or customer is, who they are already following, and what type of videos appeal to them. This would help you understand and map out your wider strategy better.

How to find your audience? You should look at your competitors on YouTube, look at social media, use search engines, search your industry, and specific hashtags to find mediums and places you should look which would in turn give you insight into what your prospective customers are saying and what videos you should make to appeal to them.

Step 4: Research your competition

We talked about this extensively while discussing about researching your competitors, one of the best ways to grow your youtube channel is to be deliberate about this. Research your competitors in the space/industry you are venturing into. Start by looking at the great performers in your niche, and then analyze what they are doing, and analyze their channel;

  • Number of subscribers
  • Video Posting frequency
  • The subject matter of their videos
  • Average views, likes, and dislikes per video
  • Video quality in the context of content and clarity
  • What are people saying in the comments?
  • Their Most popular videos

After this analysis, you can now review and self-analyze to determine what you are bringing that is better and more interesting, what differentiates you from them, and how do you differentiate your brand AND BE BETTER?

Make a SWOT of your analysis. Putting them into Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Step 5: Learn from your favourite channels

In addition to reviewing and analyzing your competitors, you should learn from your competitors and your favorites. Look at your favourites in other industries and see if you can implement some of the ideas you love in your own business.

Note how they advertise their business and other brands, note how they create and edit their videos, the texts, special effects, backgrounds, links to products, etc, watch and learn. Literally.

Step 6: Optimize your videos to get views

This is literally one of the most IMPORTANT steps you would implement.

Let me reiterate. According to statistics, YouTube has about 2 billion users monthly who are estimated to watch about 1 billion hours of video content every day.

Now, you start to wonder how you can rise above all the rest to get the attention of YouTube’s algorithm so your video can come up in searches.

You can do this by implementing SEO tactics. YouTube is a video search engine like Google search engine. When someone inputs some words in a search on video, it’s like searching the internet, the results that come up are what the algorithm deems as the most relevant based on keywords, location, and other metrics like popularity, watch history, etc. That is why I would recommend you buy YouTube views for a start, to help you scale through some of these algorithm hurdles and then do some YouTube SEO actions to help your video get found.

Here are a few ways that you can optimize your videos so you can come up more often on YouTube searches and get more views:

Keyword Research

Optimization involves having a deep understanding of what you are optimizing your video for. You need to find out what people would search to find your video, what are the most popular searches that find videos like yours, and then optimize your video with that keyword so that your content is in the category of the most frequently searched keyword in your niche.

Proper keyword research would show you the specific phrases, people would search to find your content. Now add that to your video and build on it thus;

  • Video title (the main keyword)
  • Video description (the main keyword and 2 other related or variation keywords, preferably in the first three sentences). And remember to create an informative video description. No spoilers, but still, give them a synopsis.
  • The video’s tags should be the keywords too

Use Timestamps

Another interesting feature you can do is to use timestamps and break your video down into sections. This helps people to skip along to where they are most interested rather than getting frustrated and completely moving away from your video altogether.

Interesting Thumbnail.

For me, as a YouTube audience, thumbnail matters a lot of the time. I am drawn by intriguing pictures before being moved to open the video. Thumbnails are crucial in helping viewers decide if they want to open your video or the ones below or above yours.

Create a good thumbnail with pictures, texts, and your brand elements to draw people into clicking your video and not the next one.

Respond to comments

Most of the YouTubers I follow religiously can be attributed to how engaging the hosts are, when you respond to comments, you build camaraderie and loyalty with your audience. They know that you are interested in their responses and you are actively checking on their opinions. YouTube is a community; you should build and engage your community for the full experience.

Comments and responses can help to make your comments more conversational and it also boosts your videos’ algorithm and popularity.

Step 7: Try advertising

Not growing fast enough. There are some strategies you can implement like YouTube ads, buying YouTube views and engagement, or trying influencer marketing.

Step 8: Analyze and adapt

Analyze your channel, track your analytics and implement changes you feel would help you scale up. Keep up with the trend and move where the audience goes.

Note where your traffic comes from, what content it comes to, and more. Track your views, subscribers, most watched videos, impressions, likes, etc.

In Conclusion

When it comes to YouTube marketing and bringing visibility to your brand or business through videos and content creation, you should build on the platform that Google has created and take advantage of an already made market to make your stall visible.


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